DOCUMENTA KASSEL 16/06-23/09 2007

Space Lab – outsideinside: Artistes, autistic people, astronauts engage in artistic space research in Kassel 2007, documenta 12

14 September

The medium in which language is primordially anchored is one’s own body: to change position in space, describe qualities and patterns, become aware of different densities and permeabilities, invent and move spaces in space. To divide, label, fill with marginal notes and visual footnotes: to engage and allow for whatever associations may arise.

In the context of documenta 12, a workshop lasting five days took place. Using artistic means, participants from Berlin, Hamburg, Stralsund, Kassel and Nuremberg will explore the exhibition and its architecture. The space laboratory in the Heckenkabinett will become a place of experimentation, networking and exchange on processing perception.

Concept and realisation:
Labor für angewandte und freie Kunst, Kassel,
Birgit Emser, Mareike Wieland
Adam Vickery

In cooperation with
Claudia Hummel, Katharina Dietz, Kunstvermittlung `aushecken´ documenta 12, Patrick Zucker, Kathrin Pittner, Jutta Stork, Eva Mack, Dr.Harald Tesan, Kasseler Jugendring e.V.


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