DOCUMENTA KASSEL 16/06-23/09 2007

Now available: documenta 12 edition

"Art makes experiences of a special kind possible. One may talk about these experiences. But one can also demonstrate them visually — in other words, show them. Here, the medium of the exhibition can become the basis for a new way of showing, a new way of seeing. This documenta 12 edition is an extract from the sum total of photographs by various artists. It is not about something unfinished, not a 'making of', but about perspectives of an œuvre called documenta." (Roger M. Buergel)

The documenta 12 Edition comprises a selection of photographs from the Bilderbuch with its individual perspectives on the exhibition. It is published by TASCHEN and only available for purchase in limited number numbers.

documenta 12 Editions are on view at the documenta-Halle and can be purchased at the documenta 12 bookshop as well as the other stores located on the grounds of the exhibition.

The documenta 12 edition is a set of 13 signed and numbered prints by documenta photographers Peter Friedl, Geneviève Frisson, George Hallett, Andrea Geyer, Hans Nevídal, George Osodi, Alejandra Riera, Martha Rosler, Allan Sekula, Margherita Spiluttini, Egbert Trogemann, Lidwien van de Ven and Edward Woodman, limited to 1,000 copies.

ISBN 978-3-8365-0208-5, € 1000


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