DOCUMENTA KASSEL 16/06-23/09 2007

documenta 12 - a review

After 100 days, documenta 12 came to an end on a sunny Sunday. The exhibition, devised by artistic director Roger M. Buergel and curator Ruth Noack featuring work by 109 artists from 43 countries, was visited by 751,301 paying guests.

Exhibiton map - artists and their works

Lunch Lecture

During the 100 days, the different formats of the documenta 12 converged at the Lunch Lectures. Here, the results of the knowledge transfer and educational work were collated by the advisory board, the magazines and the art education group, and consequently discussed with the audience.

We would like to point out that the podcasts of the lunch lectures areno more longer available on our own homepage. You can download thesefrom Hessischer Rundfunk’s homepage.

documenta 12 film programme

During the 100 days of documenta 12, 50 programmes were shown, each of them twice. The selection made by Alexander Horwath for the documenta 12 film programme covered the full range of everything cinema has to offer. All types and genres were shown: popular entertainment, avant-garde cinema, documentary and art-house films.


documenta 12 advisory board

The documenta 12 advisory board has been meeting regularly since the beginning of 2006. In cooperation with the documenta 12 team, about forty local ‘experts’ have been considering the significance of the leimotifs in Kassel, linking them to mindsets, contexts and topics of local relevance.

documenta 12 magazines

Nearly 100 publications with different formats, different orientations and focuses from around the world were invited to think together about the motifs and themes of documenta 12. This process has generated over 300 articles, essays, interviews, commentaries and illustrated essays.


documenta 12 art education

The documenta 12 art education has seen the exhibition as a medium: as an area of possibilities that invites the audience to take part in shaping. Aesthetic education does not necessarily start with factual knowledge but rather with bringing in one’s own intellectual and emotional resources.

documenta 12 art education

Aushecken ('hatching ideas') was the title and content of the mediation programme for young visitors to the documenta 12. Themes and works of the documenta 12 and the exhibition as a whole were investigated in collaboration with art mediators of the documenta team and, on occasion, surprise guests.



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