DOCUMENTA KASSEL 16/06-23/09 2007

1 + 1

Donate a free ticket…

...and documenta 12 will pass it on to a social welfare

organisation in Kassel.

The documenta 12 advisory board encouraged visitors to documenta 12 to purchase an extra ticket in addition to their own, donating it to a social welfare organisation in Kassel. The aim was to provide access to the exhibition for people who wouldn’t normally have had the opportunity of a visit without outside assistance. With this initiative the documenta 12 advisory council not only assisted in removing financial obstacles, it also made clear that documenta 12 can be used as an inspiration and resource for self education by all sections of society. This action was a concrete response to the third leitmotif of the exhibition “Education – what is to be done?”, as well as a simple and practical means of linking documenta 12 to the city.

Foto: Julia Fuchs, © Julia Fuchs/documenta GmbH

The donated 1 + 1 tickets were distributed through the following organisations and initiatives:

Kasseler Tafel (Kassel food kitchen)
Debt advice centres
Refugee hostel
Drogenverein Nordhessen (Drug advisory centre North Hessen)
Aids-Hilfe Kassel (Aids help Kassel)
Frauenhaus Kassel e.V. (Women’s refuge Kassel)
Nachbarschaftstreffs: Internationaler Familientreff, Frauentreff Brückenhof,  Hand-in-Hand, Samowar ... (Neighbourhood community centres)
Sozialtherapie e.V. (Social therapy association)
Refugee advice centres
Kinderschutzbund (Society for the protection of children)
Verein Soziale Hilfe e.V. (Social assistance association)
Sozialgruppe Kassel (Workshop for people with disabilities))
Heilsarmee - Sozial-Center Kassel (Salvation army – Kassel social centre)

...and others

Thanks for your support,

Ruth Noack, curator documenta 12
Ayse Gülec, spokesperson documenta 12 advisory council
Catrin Seefranz, head of communications and press documenta 12


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