DOCUMENTA KASSEL 16/06-23/09 2007

Cosima von Bonin

Relax - It's only a Ghost
Installation 2006

Katrin Schilling

*1962 in Mombasa (KE), lives in Köln (DE)
The artistic craft of Cosima von Bonin has many forms of expression. In addition to her installations, objects and performances, she produces videos, organizes music events and group projects. One characteristic of her installation works is the strongly contrasted use of materials, shapes and colours and the rich texture of her objects. Exemplary spaces take form which mark a complex system of references to various fields of memory.

The entire exhibition Relax - Its Only a Ghost in the Petzel Gallery was brought to Kassel. Now the oversized stuffed animals, sewn paintings, oversized minimalist sculptures and two small colourful sheet-metal sales carts are recreating the New York composition with the outline of the gallery space drawn in. Formalism and Pop balance between seriousness and fun, between the concrete and the fictitious. The compositions display views and insights in addition to effective diversity of materials. It is up to the individual to establish relationships on this curious pirates' island.