DOCUMENTA KASSEL 16/06-23/09 2007

Tseng Yu-Chin

Who's listening? 5
Media installation 2003-2004

© Tseng Yu-Chin

*1978 in Taipei (TW), lives in Taipei (TW)
A surreal, dream-like atmosphere prevails in his early video works and experimental short films that stimulates the fields of emotional and mental processes by association. More recent videos, in contrast, appear to be elements in a psychological experiment. Tsengís attention is directed primarily to childhood as a period of primary physical experience and social conditioning.

Who is listening? is a series consisting of five individual scenes. Children play happily with other children, or parents have fun with their children. School boys and girls, for example, spurt yoghurt or milk onto each otherís faces; a boy and his mother romp around on a white sofa. They talk, joke and enjoy their mutual affection, their feelings for the other person. Nevertheless, iconographic ambiguities arise. Ultimately Tseng is delivering a visual plea for the innocence of childish, emotional, happy experiences, even if social conventions demand other interpretations.