DOCUMENTA KASSEL 16/06-23/09 2007

Ahlam Shibli

Photograph 2002/03

© Ahlam Shibli

*1970 in Palästina, lives in Palästina
In her photography, the artist takes as her central theme the everyday living conditions of the Palestinian population and the effects wrought by the permanent state of conflict. The duality of power structures and the issue of an emancipating potential is inherent in Shibli’s work. Her image motifs are multifaceted and forego dramatic situations, events or specious escalations.

For the photo project Goter (2002/2003), Ahlam Shibli documented the life of Palestinians with Bedouin roots in the Beer-Sheba region of the Negev. They live in small towns built especially for them by Israel, or in illegal villages that cannot be found on official Israeli maps. In this series, Shibli shows the life in the towns and villages whose architecture forms carpets, in a sense. In the Nomadic past, carpets were used to define space.