DOCUMENTA KASSEL 16/06-23/09 2007

Sheela Gowda

Installation 2007

Foto: Roman März/documenta GmbH

*1957 in Bhadravati (IN), lives in Bangalore (IN)
The artist, who studied both in India and Europe, employs a process-orientated working method to combine modern aesthetics with local traditions. By using everyday materials such as cow dung or ashes, a metaphorical space opens in her installations that refers to handicrafts, female labour, rural life, natural resources and also to the historic and current experience of violence in India.

In And ..., a network of red ropes are strung across the room. A highly work-intensive process is associated with the ropes: Gowda double-threaded each of fifty needles with a piece of thread over two hundred meters long. The threads were glued together with red pigment to form a total of three ropes. The work leads in different directions: to natural, social, personal, even painful experiences.